Saturday, July 26, 2003

mcchink is a fuckin queer who is dis faggot talkin like he kno shit he dunno notin about rap he wanna see real rap peep dis:

wanna diss dirty souf
come to me and get the taste slapped out yo mouf
you a punk ass bitch
you sound like a snitch
go listen to your underground rap
cuz to me it sound like talentless crap
bunch of whiteboys hiding underground
against luda they couldnt go round for round
dont be so jealous cuz i got my cash money
you a fag you never got a honey
faggot wanan diss then u get smacked down
you remind me of that movie it, your a fuckin clown
wanna talk like you kno hip hop
cant even write rhymes stick to pop
dont be jealous cuz we get hoes
stick to sucking dick cuz man ur a pro
we dont kno u and we already kno ur a fag
reading ur opinions makes me wanna gag
your full of shit like a toilet
a tribe called quest? u dun spoiled it
where u live white boy, some rich neighbourhood
i guess real niggaz love real hip hop cuz it reps the hood
go ahead and listen to ja rule motha fucka
do your think cuz i kno u love murder inc mothafucka
pretend ur part of the underground regime
you joining a regime is a little extreme
that relates to soldiers and marines
i wonder if u got a click
your probably on your knees rite now sucking a dick
dont ever tell us what music to listen to
if a real nigga saw u on tha street hed take a knife n stick it thru u
id say peace but u dont deserve it
cuz ur a faggot who one day gonna get murdered

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